We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.

1. The sixty-six books of the Bible constitute God’s complete, sufficient, trustworthy, written revelation of His plan of salvation without error in its affirmations and wholly reliable in the original autographs. All formal teaching and practice of God’s people are to be derived from careful, prayerful, diligent, Holy Spirit-illumined study of the Bible.

2. We believe that the Bible teaches that God exists eternally as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit without beginning or end. Each person of the Godhead is distinct from the others; the Father is neither the Son nor the Spirit, the Son is not the Spirit. The triune God is the creator and sustainer of all things material and spiritual and is sovereign over all of His creation. God governs all things including the free acts of human beings according to the kind intention of His will, for the praise of His holy name and for the good of those who are called according to his purpose. God’s wisdom, knowledge, love, power, righteousness and being are complete, perfect and unchangeable.

3. At the appropriate time, the Son of God took on human flesh through the super-natural conception of Jesus the Christ by the Holy Spirit within a young virgin named Mary, who was a descendant of king David of Israel. His unique conception prevented Jesus from inheriting any of the sinful tendencies typical of the rest of the human race, which enabled Him to live a life in perfect obedience to the will of God. By His substitutionary death on a cross, He secured salvation from sin for all that believe in Him and guaranteed the defeat of all His enemies. On the third day after His death, He victoriously arose bodily from the grave never to die again. Soon after His resurrection, He ascended into heaven where as the High Priest of His people, He intercedes on their behalf. Jesus Christ will return to judge all people and restore creation to its original beauty. His righteous followers will reign with Him forever. His enemies will suffer in hell forever.

4. The Holy Spirit, who is equally God with the Father and the Son, convicts people of sin, draws whom God has chosen to Jesus Christ and enables them to repent and receive Jesus as savior. After giving new life to a follower of Jesus, the Holy Spirit strengthens and encourages them to glorify God. The Holy Spirit is given to all true followers of Jesus and can never finally leave them.

5. Created in the image of God and without sin, humanity fell into a state of alienation from God, each other and the rest of creation when our first parents, Adam and Eve, broke the direct command of God. The consequence of that disobedience was flawed humanity in all of the faculties of each person born from natural or artificial generation and tension within and between all societal structures and organizations. Ultimately, all war, suffering, injustice, illness and death are the result of that first act of human disobedience.

6. Salvation is deliverance from alienation, guilt, bondage, death and wrath, as well as restoration to fellowship, righteousness, freedom, and life, for all who trust in Jesus Christ and Him alone. It originates in and is sustained by God’s sovereign and loving grace apart from any human merit, is based solely on Christ’s saving work, is received by faith alone, and is expressed in a lifetime of developing holiness, obedience, and love.

7. Evil is a reality and not illusory. It operates in, by, through, with and in spite of social, governmental and religious institutions, systems, organizations and relationships. Ultimately evil is personified in Satan who hates God and all He has created. As the archenemy of Christ and the church, his work is to kill, steal and destroy. Satan’s defeat was rendered certain in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

8. The church is the community of all followers of Jesus united together by the Holy Spirit regardless of race, language, social condition or location. The church proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ, applies baptism to those followers of Jesus and their children, celebrates the Lord’s Supper and establishes the kingdom of God on earth by undoing the works of Satan.

Approved by Session (April 13, 2009)